Women: Philanthropic Standard Bearers

Did you know that women are increasingly the nation’s powerhouse in charitable giving? It’s true. Increasingly, we have the resources: it is expected that within a few years, we will control two-thirds of all private wealth in the United States! And studies indicate that as our income rises, we become more likely to give to charity than our male counterparts.

Here at NCJW/Essex, we have benefited from women’s generosity for decades. Today, many members make year-end Special Gifts, significant one-time or multi-year gifts, or bequests in their wills to leave an enduring legacy. This support helps NCJW/Essex to serve women and children in Essex County and beyond.

But few, if any, donors have made gifts to NCJW/Essex out of the blue. Giving most often happens as a result of trust, familiarity, and concrete opportunities to match philanthropic impulses to personal passion.

And that is what the term development really means. We don’t chase dollars. We develop and sustain authentic, multifaceted relationships that often lead our members and friends to “give until it feels good.”

It is a privilege to have joined this amazing organization as Director of Development and to interact with our powerful leaders, members, and staff every day. There are many ways to support NCJW/Essex. I look forward to exploring them with you in the months ahead.

To learn more about ways to support NCJW/Essex, contact Jane Savitt Tennen, Director of Development, at (973) 488-0049 or jtennen@ncjwessex.org.

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