Volunteerism = The Essence of NCJW/Essex

As a volunteer, you will impact your community and the world at large by becoming part of a growing network of courageous and compassionate individuals who improve the lives of women, children, and families every day.

NCJW/Essex is an organization that upholds the ideal that ordinary people can make a real and lasting difference in other people’s lives simply by taking action. Those actions are all the more extraordinary because they represent not just one person’s effort, but also the exponential impact of a group of individuals acting together with a common purpose. We are pleased to offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities that fit any schedule and any interest. Whether you have evenings, weekends or weekdays free, a few days a year to offer, or you’d like to help on a weekly basis, NCJW/Essex offers a variety of ways for you to connect and contribute.

For all volunteer opportunities, contact us at  (973) 740-0588 or email estaple@ncjwessex.org for more information.