NCJW/Essex Tributes are a way to share your sentiments with friends and family and at the same time support the mission and work of NCJW/Essex.

There is always a reason to send a Tribute: honor a simcha, recognize a milestone life event like a bar/bat mitzvah, marriage or graduation, wish someone a speedy recovery, or in memory of a loved one.

Tributes can be purchased in any amount, beginning at $10.00. 

There are now three ways to send Tributes: e-cards, printed cards sent by NCJW/Essex on your behalf and printed cards you purchase to have at home and send at your discretion. 

Tribute E-Cards

NCJW/Essex is excited to offer an online option for the delivery of a Tribute.  Select one of the eight different Tributes below to share your good wishes.  You must have the recipient’s email at the time of purchase. E-card Tributes can be purchased in any amount, beginning at $10.00, and are delivered via email immediately. Scroll down for detailed instructions on how to send an E-Card Tribute.

Choose a Tribute and Click to Begin

Instructions for Sending an E-Card

When sending a Tribute E-Card, remember YOUR NAME  and EMAIL (the purchaser) should appear or be entered at the top of the form and YOUR (the purchaser’s) CREDIT CARD INFORMATION should appear or be entered at the bottom of the form. 

The HONOREE NAME is the person you are recognizing (in memory of , in honor of, wishing mazel tov) with the Tribute. 

The RECIPIENT NAME AND EMAIL is the person to whom the E-Card will be delivered.  In some cases, for example a thank you or a happy birthday, the HONOREE and the RECIPIENT may be the same person.  

You must select “Yes, please” to dedicate the Tribute and “Yes, send an e-card” to add a personalized message. 

The personalized message (up to 500 characters) should be typed in the NOTIFICATION DETAILS box and should include your name.  

Enter YOUR CREDIT CARD information and select PURCHASE NOW to complete the transaction.

Tribute Printed Cards

SENT BY NCJW/ESSEX: You can still purchase a Tribute online and choose to have NCJW/Essex mail a card to your recipient. Please select one of the cards below.  You must have the recipient’s mailing address and may add a personalized message for the card. These Tributes can be purchased in any amount, beginning at $10.00.  Please allow several days for your Tribute to be processed. 

Tribute Cards, in the designs below, are also available for you to purchase to send at your discretion.  Each card is $10.00 and comes with a matching envelope.  Please come by the office or call 973-740-0588 for more information. 

Click on the Printed Design of Your Choice to Begin

Chai Circle

Chai Circle members are invited to call (973-740-0588) or visit the NCJW/Essex office for their Tributes.