Build Your Skills

Career Counseling

Clients of our Career Services program will work one-on-one with a Career Services Manager on:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Job search strategies and resources
  • Searching weekly job openings
  • Learning about continuing education and training programs
  • Exploring various career options

Job Club

Clients of our Career Services program are welcome to attend our Job Club series where employers, professionals, and career coaches discuss the latest trends in employment, interviewing and job search strategies.

Empower Hour

Clients of the Center for Women Career Services can find a safe place to talk about feelings and emotional responses related to job searching, unemployment, and the challenges of re-employment every Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Education 2 Empowerment

The NCJW/Essex Center for Women offers an Education 2 Empowerment program (E2E). With a goal of providing women with an educational certificate leading to employment, NCJW/Essex will pay a portion of the fees for education and/or training. Participants may enroll in an educational opportunity of their choice, including such programs as medical billing, computerized financial accounting, Microsoft office specialist, web page graphic design, culinary arts, office and dental assistant, bookkeeper, and more. Participants will also be entitled to receive all traditional services offered by the NCJW/Essex Center for Women, including our weekly job opening listing.

Participation in monthly update meetings with an NCJW/Essex Case Manager is required. If you are interested in participating in this project, or would like more information, please call the NCJW/Essex Center for Women at 973-994-4994. This program is held virtually.