Learning to deal with life's challenges.

Life in transition? What now? The RISE Institute – Reaching Into Self Empowerment – can help you figure out the next steps.

Led by trained staff and volunteers, RISE Workshops are ideal for women who are:

  • In transition
  • Learning to build confidence and overcome obstacles
  • Adjusting to an empty nest
  • Contemplating a life change
  • Seeking re-entry into the workforce
  • Looking to increase their self-esteem

As a RISE participant, you will:

  • Learn how to achieve your goals of employment, economic self-sufficiency, or healthy relationships
  • Improve your coping skills
  • Tap into your talent
  • Gain strength from past experiences
  • Learn how to make healthy decisions
  • Recognize and extinguish self-defeating thoughts
  • Silence your inner critic

RISE Workshops – single session workshops
Single session workshops are offered throughout the year.  Contact us at to learn more about our Fall 2021 Workshop Schedule. 

RISE Volunteers
RISE Institute volunteers will present a series of personal development workshops for women who will benefit from assistance in setting and reaching life and career goals to fulfill their potential. The objective of the RISE Institute is to empower women to find employment and reach other goals they have set for themselves.

Volunteers will be required to attend training sessions which will teach participants how to present specific self-empowerment programs. The topics of these workshops include concepts such as “Transforming Fears” and “Positive Affirmations.” There are two presenters at each workshop so they can support and cover each other as needed and you will have a choice of workshop topics and dates. Workshops are scheduled for mornings or evenings and usually last about 2 hours. In order to become a RISE presenter, you must attend 3 half-day training sessions which will include specific curricula as well as group dynamics and listening skills training. This training takes place when needed at the NCJW/Essex office in Livingston.

Prior experience facilitating groups, presenting to groups, and working with women is a plus. A background in teaching, counseling, social work, coaching, training/education is preferred. To volunteer, please

Time to think about you!  Join us for 1, 2, or all 3 RISE workshops to help you manage fears, improve self esteem, and focus on self care FALL 2020 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE All workshops held virtually via Zoom from 10 a.m to noon Thursday, October 15: Transforming Fears: Learn to identify and overcome fears and obstacles that are holding you back Thursday, October 22: Positive Affirmations: Identify your positive traits and become your own cheerleader Thursday, October 29: You First: Self Care to increase Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Registration is required for all RISE Programs To enroll or for more information, email Kathy Murphy, Case Manager

“I want to make a difference in my community by volunteering, leading, organizing, contributing. Where else can I do so much and have so much fun? NCJW/Essex suits me perfectly.”