Your Body. Your Choice.

Click here to learn more about how NCJW/Essex advocated for reproductive rights in 2020.

NCJW/Essex is committed to creating a world where all people, regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, or immigration status, have the right to build their families and live their lives with dignity. We are committed to advancing the goals of reproductive rights so that every woman can make her own decisions about her body, health, and family.

Our section has been a leader in the reproductive health and rights movement in New Jersey. We have campaigned against fake medical clinics, advocated for more comprehensive reproductive health education, and fought to have state family planning funding restored. While much advancement has been made in our state to legally secure a person’s right to abortion and contraception, there is more to be done to truly ensure reproductive freedom for all. Until every woman has the power to make her own informed decisions about her body, sexuality, and future, our work is not over.

All our efforts are based upon a reproductive justice foundation. NCJW/Essex is a member of Right to Thrive New Jersey.

Click below to watch our first Advocacy-in-a-Minute video, where Reproductive Rights co-chair Phoebe Pollinger discusses Title X and the “gag rule.”

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