We want to end menstrual inequity. Period.

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NCJW/Essex recognizes menstrual inequity as a global issue and is working locally to do its part to address the problem in Essex County. As a progressive women’s organization, the NCJW/Essex Period.Project fits in with our goal of improving the lives of women, children and families.

The NCJW/Essex Period.Project focuses on the issue of menstrual inequity through the following initiatives:

  • Raising awareness and educating the community about the barriers women face in obtaining menstrual products.
  • Relationship building with non-profit agencies, with the long term goal of making access to menstrual products more attainable. Through our continuing partnership with the Community Foodbank of NJ, we have been supplying agencies with a year’s worth of menstrual products.
  • Providing community service activities to help distribute menstrual products to those in need.
  • Community organizing, research and advocacy to promote legislative changes to address inequities.

Join us in our mission to fight for menstrual equity!

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  • Find out more information about or to get involved with the Period.Project.
  • Join the NCJW/Essex Period.Project Committee.
  • Advocate for menstrual equity.
  • Organize a collection for our “Time of the Month” initiative.
  • Donate menstrual products.
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“I want to make a difference in my community by volunteering, leading, organizing, contributing. Where else can I do so much and have so much fun? NCJW/Essex suits me perfectly.”