Menstrual Equity

Menstrual Equity. Period.

Since 2016, the NCJW/Essex Period.Project has been working toward menstrual equity by:

  • Alleviating period poverty by supplying more than one million products (and counting) to more than 40 local agencies, food pantries and houses of worship.
  • Raising awareness and educating the community about the barriers and stigma menstruating people face in obtaining menstrual products. Many people are unaware that a large portion of the population in our state cannot afford or access menstrual products on a regular basis and suffer greatly as a result.
  • Building relationships with non-profit, public and community agencies with the long- term goal of making period products readily available in all public spaces.

76% of students are taught more about the biology of frogs than the human female body in school.


  • Advocating for systemic change by championing menstrual equity bills here in New Jersey, including the 2023 bill that requires schools to provide period products in schools for grades 6-12. Read more about our legislative victories.
  • Working closely with other nonprofits to achieve menstrual equity and access to menstrual products for people in need. Our partners include: Girls Helping Girls. Period., The Flow Initiative, the Community Food Bank of New Jerseys’ Period Initiative and Dignity Period. 

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Be Part of the Solution to End Period Poverty

The Period.Project is an endowed program, and individuals, institutions and foundations have recognized NCJW/Essex as a leader in this field.  

Be a part of our Committee by hosting your own Time of the Month collection – a menstrual product drive is a simple way to increase awareness and make a difference.

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Menstruation is a normal and healthy bodily function for half the global population of a certain age, and yet menstruating individuals suffer from burden, stigma and hardship — even right here in New Jersey. NCJW/Essex’s Period.Project is here to help. 

Did you know that:

  • 40% of people with periods say they struggle to purchase products.
  • 27% of all respondents said the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to access period products, with two-thirds (65%) of those who have struggled stating they lacked access because they could not afford them.
  • Over one-third (38%) of low-income women report missing work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies.
  • For the nearly 1/5 of the American teenagers who live in poverty, the lack of menstrual products and support can lead to lost educational opportunity.
  • 35% of Blacks and Hispanics with periods strongly agree that they’ve struggled to afford period products in the past year. 
  • Those experiencing homelessness report infection caused by using tampons and pads for longer than recommended or by using improvised items.
  • Incarcerated individuals and those caught in the criminal justice system often beg or bargain with staff for basic hygiene needs, part of a degrading and dehumanizing power imbalance.
  • Menstrual necessities are not covered by SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children), or other welfare programs, and are rarely available at food pantries.

*Data from a 2021 U by Kotex survey conducted with YouGov and Alliance for Period Supplies, NJ Period Poverty Fact Sheet 2021, and news reports.


Join the Period.Project and be part of the solution to end period poverty!


The Period.Project is an endowed program. Since 2019, we have given out more than 600,000 units of product to more than 20 different local agencies. Individuals, institutions and foundations have recognized our ability to be a local leader and partner working in this field. 


The Period.Project is a leading advocate of menstrual equity in NJ and one of the pioneers in developing the current legislation pending in both New Jersey State houses to provide free menstrual products in public middle school and high school bathrooms in New Jersey. We continually address period stigma and worked to help create May 28 as Menstrual Equity Day in New Jersey. 



The Period.Project educates the community about menstrual equity while donating products to those who need them most. Our Time of the Month collections product drives hosted by individuals are a simple, effective way to make a difference while increasing awareness. 


We work closely with other nonprofits to achieve menstrual equity and access to menstrual products for people in need, including Girls Helping Girls.Period, The Flow Initiative, Community Food Bank of New Jersey’s Period Initiative and Dignity.Period. 

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