Beating back hunger, one card at a time.

Please consider purchasing grocery store gifts cards to help our food insecure clients and their families. Gift cards can be sent directly to NCJW/Essex, 70 South Orange Avenue, Suite 120, Livingston, NJ 07039 to be distributed directly to our Center for Women clients.

Click here to purchase ShopRite gift cards

In New Jersey, 1 in 10 people and 1 in 7 children live in households where there is no regular access to enough food to live healthy and active lives. The NCJW/Essex Pack the Pantry program is doing our part to help.

According to Feeding America, with rising unemployment and increasing food prices, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted many individuals’ already fragile ability to put food on the table. We know that many of our Center for Women clients have had to use all of their resources to pay rent, choosing hunger over homelessness. The Center for Women clients are the beneficiaries of Pack the Pantry.

At this time, while clients continue to receive services remotely, we are looking for other ways to address this need. Pack the Pantry is joining with other NCJW/Essex committees and community partners to collect grocery store gift cards that allow our clients to provide for their families with dignity. 

Volunteer Food Heroes will hold monthly ShopRite gift card collections. This simple act makes a huge difference in the lives of our clients and their families. Please contact Angie Benedict at for information. Please also continue to check the NCJW/Essex Facebook page for information about upcoming gift card collections.

Pack the Pantry is always looking for volunteers committed to alleviating hunger for women and families in the communities where we reside. We need your help now more than ever! To volunteer please email

“I want to make a difference in my community by volunteering, leading, organizing, contributing. Where else can I do so much and have so much fun? NCJW/Essex suits me perfectly.”