NCJW/Essex Center for Women Partners with DCH Auto Group to host Professional Seminar on Careers for Women in the Auto Industry

LIVINGSTON, NJ, July 14, 2014 – The Professional Women’s Association of DCH Auto Group partnered with NCJW/Essex Center for Women to offer a professional event for clients of the Center –“Careers for Women in the Auto Industry,” — on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, at the DCH Millburn Audi Dealership in Maplewood.  The Professional Women’s Association of DCH Auto Group is an organization focused on recruiting and training female employees in the auto industry, which has been historically male-dominated.  The organization was initially formed to study how it can better attract, retain and advance female employees.

The event, from 11 am – 2 pm., offered women an opportunity to network and become informed about career opportunities in auto dealerships as well as improve their skills in building their brand and making good first impressions in the business world.  The program offered an informative look at careers for women within the DCH Auto Group with discussions led by DCH professionals from the executive level, human resources, dealership sales management, and service management.

Carrie Ferrantino, DCH Human Resources Manager, welcomed the group and introduced participants in a round table discussion:  Lisa Ocasio, General Sales Manager at DCH Freehold Nissan, Cathy Strauss, Assistant Service Manager at DCH Freehold Nissan, and Susan Scarola, DCH Vice Chairwoman.  Ms. Ocasio discussed her experience as a single mother, “breaking in” as a female sales manager in an industry that has been and continues to be male-dominated.  She offered inspiring words to the women, encouraging them that the “sky’s the limit” regarding their ability to succeed in such a competitive business.  Ms. Strauss discussed her experience as a female manager on the service side of the auto industry.  She inspired the women by reminding them that women manage the biggest industry – the household. “Because we are listeners, we can succeed in any industry, including the auto industry,” she said. Keynote speaker Ms. Scarola spoke about her rather circuitous journey into the auto industry.  She reiterated that throughout her journey, from kindergarten teacher to accountant to president and CEO of DCH, “if there’s one thing that propelled my career at DCH, it was my communication skills.” Each of the women, regardless of their varying positions at DCH Auto, was able to offer valuable insight into the industry, and develop enthusiasm among the women participating to break into the workforce with a mission to succeed.

Following the round-table discussion, Anne Wargo, DCH Consultant to the Professional Women’s Association, led a hands-on workshop on creating a positive and memorable first impression and networking to advance one’s career.  She aided participants in creating introductory statements to use professionally as well as encouraged them to practice on one another, utilizing valuable communication skills.  In conclusion, Deborah Schatz, President of NCJW/Essex, addressed the audience about the advocacy efforts of NCJW/Essex and the Center for Women in improving the lives of women, children and families. “I want to thank DCH Auto for hosting such an influential workshop that has opened the door to new career opportunities in the auto industry for our clients,” she said.

Photo captions:
Photo 1: Clients from the NCJW/Essex Center for Women learned about careers for women in the auto industry at a professional seminar in partnership with DCH Auto Group.

Photo 2: Panelist Lisa Ocasio (center), General Sales Manager at DCH Freehold Nissan, discussed her entry into the auto industry.

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