Here’s What You Can Do Today to Get Out the Vote and Secure the Election Process

Get out the vote and help secure our election process! Follow the call to action below and share the list of important resources with family and friends. Now is the time to work together to protect our democracy. 


Call, email and tweet Governor Murphy, Secretary of State Way and your local representatives  

Governor Murphy: 609-292-6000, @GovMuphy, contact here

Secretary of State Way: 609-777-2581, @SecretaryWay 

Local representatives [your State Senator (1) and Assembly Members (2)]. Find them here

Call Script:
Thank you for your leadership during this difficult time. Voting must be categorized as an “essential service” and voters must have multiple options for accessing the ballot during this crisis. Please ensure a fair and safe election process by implementing these five recommendations:

1. Dedicate resources to online voter registration. 
2. Expand in-person early voting and drop-off boxes for VBM – ensuring people vote and do it safely.

3. Adequately sanitize polling places and provide PPE to keep poll workers safe while maintaining social distancing. 

4. Relax voter registration deadlines and permit Election Day voter registration.


Am I registered to vote? Check here.
Voter Registration: Find it here.
Vote By Mail Application: Find it here.
Need stamps?: Find them here or here.

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