Here’s What You Can Do Right Now to Protect Reproductive Rights

Now’t the time to make a commitment to protect reproductive rights. Below please find the Calls to Action, as well as a list of notable resources. You’ve lit your candle, set a fire – now let’s protect abortion access. Share with friends and family!

Calls to Action

1.Thank Governor Murphy For Protecting Access

Call, email and tweet Governor Murphy609-292-6000, @GovMuphy, contact here
Call Script: I am a member of the National Council of Jewish Women (or your organization or omit if calling as an individual). I am calling today to thank Governor Murphy and his administration for Executive Order No 109, which ensures that individuals can still access family planning and abortion care services.  
Abortion care is essential and time-sensitive and must remain so during this public health crisis. I want to thank Governor Murphy for protecting and expanding health care access during these challenging times. Thank you. 

2. Thank Abortion Providers, Thank the Women’s Center here. Thank Planned Parenthood here.

3. Join the Effort to Make the Birth Control Pill Available Without a Prescription. “Like” here.

4. Sign Petitions to Lift FDA Restrictions on Medication Abortion. Click herehere and here!

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