Happy 130th Anniversary NCJW

Celebrating 130 Years of Service and Advocacy

In 1893, Hannah G. Solomon was invited to join the World’s Parliament of Religions as part of the World’s Fair in Chicago. When Jewish women realized that the role others had intended for them was as hostesses pouring coffee, they decided to hold their own conference instead.

The Jewish Women’s Congress was hailed in the national news as an “epoch-making event.”  And on September 5, 1893, National Council of Jewish Women was born , and with it, the fight for a safer, more just world for everyone — especially women, children and families.

NCJW’s early work focused on supporting immigrants, and advocating for laws around social welfare issues like promoting public health and stopping child labor. Now, 130 years later, the organization is proud to celebrate a legacy of advocacy and action that has expanded to economic justice, reproductive freedom, voting rights, and much more.

NCJW/Essex, which was established in 1912, is proud to stand side-by-side with national and other local Sections as  we celebrate our founding, history, and vision for the future.

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