Generations Society

Generations Society recognizes NCJW/Essex members who choose to include the organization in their estate planning or through planned giving.  

Including NCJW/Essex in estate planning reinforces your long-time commitment to NCJW/Essex and recognizes the role it has played in your life.  Being a member of Generations Society is a tangible way to help sustain NCJW/Essex and the volunteerism, advocacy and connections that have made it so meaningful to you.

Joining Generations Society is simple and is available to anyone who makes a gift of any type to NCJW/Essex as part of their planned giving choices.  We encourage you to consult with your family and your financial advisor, and simply let us know that you are remembering NCJW/Essex in your estate plan so we can acknowledge your special commitment to our future.  

Please contact Caitlin Higgins Joy, NCJW/Essex Executive Director, at 973-740-0588 to discuss becoming a member of Generations Society.