Advocacy in a Post-Roe World

The Fight for Reproductive Justice Continues


NCJW/Essex Reproductive Rights Committee Co-Chair Phoebe Pollinger was invited to join a group of New Jersey advocates and legislators who met with Vice President Kamala Harris in Atlantic City on July 18. The Vice President has been traveling across the country, holding roundtables with those who are fighting on the frontlines, including stops in Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina and is looking at states such as New Jersey to be models for protecting reproductive rights and abortion access. 

In addition to NCJW/Essex, other participants in the roundtable included NJ Attorney General Matt Platkin, State legislators including Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz and Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, representatives from Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and more

Vice President Harris reviewed the President’s Executive Orders and the HHS Task Force efforts while AG Platkin discussed the newly created Reproductive Rights Strike Force within the NJ Department of Law & Public Safety to enforce the right to abortion access for New Jersey residents and those who travel to New Jersey from other states to seek abortion care. Legislators and advocates spoke about both the work that has been done already and the work still needed to ensure that abortion care is accessible to everyone who requires it regardless of income, zip code or immigration status.

Earlier in July, Phoebe, VP of Advocacy Laurie Kahn and Director of Advocacy Stephanie Abrahams met with Rep. Mikie Sherrill in her Parsippany office. The group discussed ways NCJW/Essex and the federal government can partner to fight to protect women’s rights in the post-Roe era. NCJW/Essex thanks Rep. Sherrill for her leadership on these issues.

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