Your help means a lot.

The act of giving is a personal endeavor, as individual as each of us. That’s why there are many ways for you to support NCJW/Essex. Your support helps NCJW/Essex provide vitally needed services and programs for women, children, and families in financial need throughout Essex County amid constantly growing demand. Please choose the giving opportunity that’s right for you – and why not make it monthly! Twelve modest monthly gifts, combined, can dramatically increase your giving impact.

Giving Opportunities:

General Donation

Making a tax-deductible contribution makes it possible for NCJW/Essex to create meaningful social change for women, children and families in Essex County and the surrounding areas. All gifts in all amounts are greatly appreciated.

Making a tax-deductible contribution to the Back 2 School Store will help support our annual event for underserved children in Essex County. Put a smile on the face of a child as he/she prepares to go back to school! All gifts in all amounts are greatly appreciated.

Special Gifts Campaign

Your gift to the Special Gifts Campaign makes it possible for NCJW/Essex to reach more people and continue our work to enhance the quality of life for women, children and families in Essex County. Your gift can be one-time – or make it monthly! Twelve modest monthly gifts, combined, can dramatically increase your giving impact. Thank you for your support.

The nonsectarian Center for Women provides vitally important career programs for women who are entering or re-entering the workforce. Many live in or near poverty and have recently experienced divorce, death of a spouse or partner, or loss of a long-held job. Your support helps to sustain this Essex County lifeline.

NCJW Tributes are available throughout the year and provide a way to share your sentiments with friends and family while supporting NCJW projects locally and in Israel. Send a tribute in honor of a simcha, to recognize an honor, to celebrate a graduation, to send wishes for a speedy recovery, or in memory of a loved one.

Please allow several days for tributes to be completed and mailed.

Want to earmark your donation for the NCJW/Essex Back 2 School Store? Make a donation in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one and it will be formally acknowledged with a beautiful Back 2 School Store Tribute Card to the recipient of your choice. A Back 2 School Store Tribute is a minimum of $36.

Tributes can be purchased in varying denominations and in varying quantities.

If you prefer,  you can call (973) 740-0588 to purchase any Tribute by phone.

Choose from the following:

TributeSinglePack of 3Pack of 6Pack of 12
Blue*$5 $25$50
Diamond 36$36   
Diamond 50$50   
Diamond 100$100   
Back2School Store$36 $100  

*Blue Tributes can be designated to support NCJW/Essex or the Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women.

**Silver and Gold Tributes can be designated to support NCJW/Essex or the Legacy for the Future Endowment Fund.

Please note, for Tribute packages a fee will be added for postage and handling.

Share the NCJW/Essex experience with a friend or family member with the gift of membership. Click here, and remember to choose that you are purchasing a gift membership.

NCJW/Essex accepts matching gifts from any business or corporation. Do you or your spouse’s employer have a matching gift program? If so, you can make your donation to NCJW/Essex go twice as far! All that is usually required is to submit the company’s matching gift form with your donation to NCJW/Essex.

Chai Circle

Members of the NCJW/Essex Chai Circle enjoy the benefits of NCJW/Essex events and programs throughout the year. Various levels of giving are available.

To learn about the specific benefits of each level, please contact Carolyn Sharaway, (973) 488-0049 or email


$5,000 to $9,999


$10,000 to $17,999


$18,000 to $35,999


$36,000 and up

The Legacy for the Future Endowment Fund ensures that NCJW/Essex will have the resources to continue and grow. Your support of the Endowment Fund provides a vital and stable backbone for our Section, while giving us the freedom to be innovative and creative. Your commitment demonstrates your pride in our accomplishments, support of volunteerism and community service, and belief in the future of NCJW/Essex. Participation requires a minimum contribution of $10,000, payable over five years. Donations of cash, securities, charitable trusts, and other assets are welcome. Participants are recognized in relevant NCJW/Essex promotional and educational materials. As a donor to Legacy for the Future, you also have the opportunity to establish a Legacy for the Future Tribute Fund in honor or in memory of a named individual. Your friends and family can purchase Tributes directed to your named Tribute Fund.

Include NCJW/Essex in your estate plans and be acknowledged today for a commitment to tomorrow.

Please contact Carolyn Sharaway, (973) 488-0049 to discuss a donation to the Legacy for the Future Endowment Fund

In addition, you can support NCJW/Essex through participation in these programs:

Join the A-List for Advocacy to leverage our strength as America’s largest NCJW Section and to raise awareness among our community about the state and federal issues critical to our membership. Click here to find out more!

Our annual golf tournament takes place every June at a beautiful local country club. Enjoy a day of golf while supporting NCJW/Essex. There are various levels of giving as well as a silent auction on the day of the event. Click here to find out more.

Gala Celebration

Every two years, NCJW/Essex sponsors a special event to honor individuals/couples and businesses for their unflagging support of and involvement with NCJW/Essex. Benefactors, volunteers, friends and family pay tribute to their efforts to advocate for social change in Essex County. An Ad Journal offers another opportunity to support NCJW/Essex the honorees. Click here to find out more!

Periodically NCJW/Essex sponsors a raffle with fabulous prizes offering you another way of supporting our efforts. Raffle information will be sent in the mail when available.

Pay tribute to the special women in your life by making a donation to The Butterfly Project. Purchase a glass name plate and watch the butterfly grow. Click here to find out more!

Please consider NCJW/Essex in your giving plans.

NCJW/Essex is recognized as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Contributions to it are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by the law.


To discuss our many and varied donor options, contact our Director of Resource Development, Carolyn Sharaway, (973) 488-0049, or email