Moving Forward is a program that helps to educate and inspire at-risk young women to reach their goals. Designed for teenage girls and young women in the underserved population in Essex County, this workshop series provides the support they need to be empowered to plan for their futures. There are three distinct workshops:

  1. Team building – where we concentrate on decision-making, cooperation skills and consensus building. This workshop provides participants with hands-on situations and guidance on how to work successfully in groups. The goal is to help participants become more aware of how words and actions can be perceived by others.
  2. Social Media and Communication – where we use examples of cyber bullying from popular social media sites and video clips. This workshop teaches young women to communicate in a way that is not aggressive or disrespectful to another party. The goal is to help participants understand how their online behavior affects them and the people around them, and to encourage communication that is respectful.
  3. Job Readiness – where we help participants understand what they need to do to find their first job. By focusing on building resumes, establishing job search goals, and practicing interviewing skills, this workshop helps participants discover their best qualities, making them more comfortable and confident in the job search process.

Moving Forward is facilitated by trained volunteers. The program strives to build self-esteem for young women and create a strong foundation for success throughout their lives.
Clients must be referred by a social service agency. Contact the NCJW/Essex Center for Women at (973) 994-4994 to see if this program is appropriate for your clients.