The NCJW/Essex Center for Women is a nonsectarian project established in 1981 to provide services to all women experiencing life-altering challenges. Women come to us with varied backgrounds and skill sets. While some come to their first appointment with a relatively current resume and some direction, others are confused and anxious about how to begin marketing themselves in today’s environment.

Your donation helps support many of our services as well as provide funds needed for emergency client assistance. When funds are available we provide emergency funding to help clients with food and gas money, rent support, etc.

You can truly make a difference! See how your contribution can help women, children and families:

will provide funds to purchase food for clients in need
will provide a variety of women’s workshops or legal guidance
will enable a woman to gain skills at the RISE Institute (Reaching Into Self Empowerment)
will enroll a woman in a peer support group with others in similar life circumstances
will teach women new skills through a series of computer classes
will outfit a women with clothing and accessories for job interviews and the workplace
will help women get back on their feet with individualized career services
Donate a custom amount