Parenting today is particularly challenging in a world influenced by social media. Conversations often happen when we are taking our children to and from their activities, when we are not expecting or prepared for the conversation to happen. Carpool Conversations, a new project of NCJW/Essex, aims to provide parents with the tools necessary to engage in conversations with their children about difficult and sensitive topics — before they face issues — allowing them to grow up strong, kind and safe. 

Carpool Conversations workshops educate parents on how to handle issues relating to such things as sexuality, gender identity, sexism and sexual violence and teach parents how to have productive conversations on these topics. In the coming months, professionals will facilitate small group discussions about such topics as:

  • Consent
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Social media
  • Body image
  • Gender expectations 

If you are interested in attending or hosting a future Carpool Conversations, contact Stephanie Abrahams at or (973) 488-0054.