Ask Your State Senator to Sponsor Two High Priority Bills and Press For a Hearing
Find your State Senator here.

In our area:

Senator Richard Cody (Caldwell, Florham Park, Hanover, Livingston, Millburn,Maplewood, Roseland, S&W Orange): Email here or call (973) 535-5017 

Senator Nia Gill (Clifton, E. Orange, Orange, Montclair): Email here or call (973) 509-0388

  • Public Awareness of Trafficking (S280) develops notices for victims of human trafficking, that contain the National Human Trafficking Number, to be posted in critical places such as transit spots, bars and massage parlors — giving victims a way to reach out for help.
  • A New Start for Survivors (S1750) expands clean slate/vacatur laws for trafficking survivors. This bill provides a process to vacate and expunge arrests and charges committed by a person while they were a victim of human trafficking, thus allowing them a new start in life.

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