NCJW-AListLogoThe A-List was created by our Advocacy Committee to leverage our strength as America’s largest NCJW Section and to raise awareness among our community about the state and federal issues critical to our membership. We run ads in the New Jersey Jewish News, designed to inform and educate readers as well as communicate our collective views. “A-List” members will be listed in the advertisements as champions of the featured issue.

Sign up and let your voice be heard on vital issues. Our recent ads have focused on:

  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Human Trafficking
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Campus Sexual Assault Prevention
  • International Violence Against Women and Girls

A commitment to the A-List is renewable each year and enables your voice to be heard as we continue to advocate on issues such as reproductive justice, voting rights, separation of religion and state, and funding for programs and services for women, children, and families.

NCJW/Essex “A-List” offers a powerful platform on which members can come together and continue making a difference into the next century.

Please join us!

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A $54 donation will highlight your name as a “Bold Advocate” in each of our ads for one year.

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An $18 donation will place your name as an “Advocate” in each of our ads for one year.

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Our latest advocacy ads: