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Advocacy in Action in October

With just about a month to go before election day, NCJW/Essex ramped up its efforts in early October to get out the vote, rally for reproductive rights and focus on menstrual equity.  Together we are making a difference – one voter, one woman, one legislator – at a time. 

Get Out the Vote

On October 6, Advocacy in an Hour joined forces with Get Out the Vote to write hundreds of postcards and letters to historically disenfranchised voters across the country. Special thanks to Ruthann Fish, Ellen Barocas, Jordana Horn Gordon and Elisa Madorsky for making the event such a success! 

Reproductive Rights

Later that night, NCJW/Essex members enjoyed an evening a fine art celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in support of equal abortion access in New Jersey. Hosted by Heather Carter Fine Art Consulting and NCJW/Essex members Teddi Dolph and Phoebe Pollinger and co-sponsored by the Latino Action Network Foundation, the event raised products for the After Abortion Care kits NCJW/Essex will be supplying to local abortion providers.

Later that week, on October 8, NCJW/Essex members joined hundreds of advocates at a March to ROEvember in Montclair in support of reproductive rights and to mobilize voters ahead of the November election. Speakers included Senator Cory Booker, Representative Mikie Sherrill and State Senator Teresa Ruiz.

Menstrual Equity
Local and Statewide Accomplishments
Changes in Livingston

How do you get free menstrual products put in municipal buildings in your town? Ask VP of Advocacy Laurie Kahn who, after many months of persistence – including more than 70 points of contact to town officials – successfully lobbied Livingston officials to put menstrual product dispensers in the Town Hall building, the library and the community center. Period.Project members were so moved by her presentation at their last meeting that some vowed to start similar initiatives in their own towns. 

Progress in Trenton
“In the history of the state, I think this is the first time that we have actually had an open discussion about menstrual products. I mean, honestly!” Assemblywoman Mosquera said at the Assembly Women and Children Committee meeting on September 29.
NCJW/Essex members were on hand to witness eight menstrual equity bills, including those that will provide menstrual products in homeless shelters and food banks, pass through the committee – the first steps the state legislature has taken to address menstrual equity in New Jersey! 

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