President’s Message

As I look back on the first 2 months of my presidency I cannot help but smile. Although the world looks very different than it did six months ago, NCJW/Essex has persevered and delivered much needed services to clients and community members. We have worked creatively with our clients to meet their needs in a respectful, caring and supportive manner. We continue to engage our members in meaningful programming and important advocacy issues. We are working with other NCJW sections and community partners to continue to support the women, children and families throughout Essex County.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of our staff, members, volunteers and donors who have worked diligently to provide this much needed support. We must continue to be resilient, flexible and kind to one another.

Please consider becoming one of our members, volunteers or donors. It will be a decision that will bring you much joy, happiness and pride.

Penina Barr

President, NCJW/Essex